Natalie Day Davis

Director of Youth Ministries

Natalie Day grew up in Portland Oregon, and moved down to California in 2017 for school. She earned her degree from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, focusing on the way in which people understand each other in personal and professional environments.

Natalie has been heavily involved in youth ministry for eight years, working in both a church context and with Young Life. She genuinely enjoys hanging out with middle school students, and first fell in love with youth ministry when she was 15. For ten months she served as the interim youth director at her home church in Portland.

While she does not think she's cool enough to hang out with high school students, she enjoys spending time with them. One of her favorite parts of being in ministry with people is equipping leaders to build healthy relationships with students.

Outside of ministry, her favorite things to do are try new coffee places, go for runs, sing karaoke (preferably a Taylor Swift song), and listen to the role Jesus plays in people’s lives.