Confirmation is a New Members Class tailored to high school students. Our 2024 Session kicks off on Sunday, February 11

Confirmation is a New Members Class tailored to high school students. When children are baptized, we as a congregation make a commitment to nurture them in their faith as they grow and mature. Historically, Confirmation is one of the notable steps in their faith development–it is a season where we ‘confirm’ what we knew to be true the day they were baptized, that they are claimed and loved by God. That is why we call this class “Credo,” which is Latin for “what I believe.” It’s not just a rite of passage–it is a dedicated opportunity for your youth to learn the skills of discerning and articulating their faith, for them to use now and throughout their lifetime.

As the course is ever changing, we want to continue to make it open and enticing for students. We do not want this to be something that students are obligated to participate in, but instead, have it spark curiosity and encourage them to have agency in their decisions with the church. It is our hope that during Credo: New Membership for Youth, students to leave with confidence in their beliefs and a willing commitment to the larger faith community.

This year, Credo will be open to all high school students, not just freshmen. Our hope is that as this program grows, regardless if students are interested in committing to the church, all high school students can join the class as a way of discerning their faith and practice. It does not matter if they are the pastor's kid or if they have never attended a Sunday service - Credo will be for them.