Youth Ministries

At SMCC, we want youth to feel welcome, loved, and part of something regardless of who they are. Students in middle school and high school go through the biggest transformation of their lives as they are approaching adulthood.

Our Youth program centers around our weekly Youth Group: The Table. The Table strives to be a place with two main objectives: that students feel safe, and that they feel loved.

With the pressure’s of this world to succeed and measure up to be something great, the message that they are loved no matter what often gets lost. In order for teenagers to thrive, they need a space where they can express themselves safely emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

On Wednesday nights middle school & high school students gather to share a meal together, play games, reflect, invest in community and learn more about the role God plays in their lives. It does not matter if they believe in God or if they’re the pastor's kid, if they are failing school or valedictorian, if they are confident in their identity or still trying to figure it out- there will always be a seat for them at The Table.

So… what else?

Meaningful friendships don’t just come out of nowhere, it takes time and intentionality. Students are encouraged to spend time outside of church connecting with one another - supporting each other at sporting events or performances, getting coffee or sharing a meal, and attending church related events.

With over 50 students connected to our youth ministry, hanging out on Wednesday nights is just not enough time! You can often find our Director of Youth Ministries, Natalie Day Davis, hanging out with students after school and on Sunday’s.

If you or your student want to be part of this community, don’t hesitate to reach out!