Sinning Like A Christian: Lenten Study Guide

Join our Lenten Sermon Study with our digital Study Guide.

Welcome to Lent 2024! Lent is the season of preparation that begins on Ash Wednesday and leads up to Holy Week and Easter. We’re invited in these weeks to be intentional about our faith practices and our relationship with God and our neighbors. We’re encouraged to set aside 40 days to think together and talk together, to look into Scripture a little more, perhaps to pray more frequently, in order to get a little better sense of how God is moving in our lives and in the world.

In this season of Lent, Community Church is making a point to engage conversations about sin more directly. Our sermon series is titled Sinning Like a Christian, and we are using a book by that same title as our guide to further conversations together. All of us are invited to participate in small groups so that we can engage in this discussion with one another. As we know, small groups are prime spaces for us to learn and grow in our faith and life

To view and download our Lenten Study Guide click here.

You can now purchase the book Sinning Like a Christian by William H. Willimon in the Courtyard on Sundays or in the Church Office during our open hours.